Menhir of Vilhain

Le_Vilhain__9_aThe Chevriau stone of Vilhain is a menhir. High 4,56 m, broad, it 1,48 m was lying before in edge of the road of Vilhain with Hérisson, close from a point of view. It was raised in 1985 and was placed on the place of the church of Vilhain.

Le_Vilhain__3_aThe abbot Charles-Antoine-Marie Bordelle, former priest of Vilhain in second half of the 19th century wrote in connection with this stone: “the top is not completely flat; there is like species of rises graduated, which had to be made purposely, to make run the blood of the victims. It always bore the name of Pierre Chevriau or Chevau, it is probable that it preserved the name of the victims which one generally immolait: kids and horses”…