The dolmen of Elba Saint in Mazerat To combine is an imposing monument. It was very abimé at last century of the inconsistency of the men. There is a precise description of the megalith going back to 1880, where he is presented like a shady walk… a wild excavation, 50 years later, destabilized the Western line and caused its collapse. There was a very beautiful pavement, whose stones are now posed in heap in the close field.


The inhabitants of the village allotted construction of it to the fairies. A scholar wrote one century ago:

“The peasants of this region believe or tell that very small and fair, pale fairies and glazes of a veil, had carried the stones on their head while spinning their stopper rod. The children from time to time will dance on the site of this monument then have fear between them.”


Today, the children do not play any more on the stone but it kept its stone name of the fairies and there are still people who would not dare to venture on the site in the neighbourhoods of midnight…

Wasps began their house on the stones.  Stones full with goodwill besides, but much too damaged to communicate.polignac_443