Sol_rieuxSolérieux is only one very small village made sleepy with the sun, posed in a plain, which gathers some beautiful houses, of the barns in ruin and some farms still in life.

Sol_rieux_4Isolated and far from the large axes, agricultural and without claim, one would forget it if it did not conceal a rare pearl, the church Saint Raphaël.

Sol_rieux_3Founded by Templiers, this church is a wonder of the wonders, a pure Romance style of Provence of the XII ème century, without any addition nor modification. It was built at some distance from the old village strengthened for a long time abandoned on the hill.
The nave, destroyed, is occupied by the old cemetery. This church depended on the chapter of the canons of the cathedral of Saint-Paul-tois-castles.

Sol_rieux_5Built in a superb stone become gray with time, it is drawn up in the middle of the fields of lavender, proud and noble, admirable of harmony.

With its feet, a small water level surrounded by dry stone walls of a superb color pale gray, supplements the unit.