la_sainte_beaume_096la_sainte_beaume_091_editedThe reliquary contains a fragment of tibia and a wick of hair.

These relics were the subject of an anthropological study in 1974 with cranium located at Maximin saint and the bones of the church of the Madeleine with bets.

Conclusion: the bones belong to a woman of small stature, of Mediterranean type gracile, old of about fifty years.

On its low part, the crossing of the Mediterranean is illustrated. Marie-madeleine is held upright with the center of the boat leading it to Marseilles, in position of orante. The boat, in accordance with certain versions of the legend, is guided by two angels. Several travelling companions of Madeleine are illustrated. A detail holds the attention: in front of the boat bringing back Marie-madeleine to Provence, a body surrounded by strips rests….