la_sainte_beaume_150In particular water is abundant in the solid mass and the cave. It should be understood that it is it which determines the vibratory quality of a crowned place. In the Genesis, in fact the things of the second day of creation appear: water of in top and water of in bottom. Water, it is the memory of the world. It is the principle even of the life. Water it is the element which connects: it connects our cells between them, it connects the man with cosmos.
The holy place, generally, is a place or the man can pass from his terrestrial condition in the world of the light. Water intervenes in this process of exchange; it is used since always in the construction of the sanctuaries because it carries information essential to a crowned place. It is precisely the meeting, in a precise place, of one or more water currents with networks, known as geomagnetic or geobiologic, which can appear, with the assistance of the man, the direction crowned in all its force. (Arcadia review).

In the order, I present holy Zacharie to you, la_sainte_beaume_126the source of Nans, la_sainte_beaume_085and holy Sidoïne.