The worship of the virgin éxistait already in Marsat with the VI ème century, Gregoire de Tours by making mention in its “gloria martyrum”. It even tells that the workmen, incompetent to finish the sanctuary, see themselves doubled by three children, then him going to the site the night, it saw a sharp gleam inside the building. It saw the door opening all alone and found the sanctuary plunged in the total darkness. (allegory of the light in the night, symbol of the occultism)thuret_marsat_riom_074_editedthuret_marsat_riom_056_edited

Each year the inhabitants of Riom had habit to offer a wax wheel rolled up on wood, which they deposited at the entry on two stones before suspending it in front of the statue. (druidic crowned stones?) There remains one of these wheels nowadays.thuret_marsat_riom_075

If one looks at with the desus wheel well, funny of character carries his eyes in direction of the statue of the virgin… Foliage leaves its mouth. The druids finally are not so far!thuret_marsat_riom_075_edited

For the symbolic system of the wheel, to see the file on the black virgins.