Moulins__17_aSince always, Mills and its area were devoted to the goddess-mother, then with the virgin. The black virgin of Mills is a virgin in majesty of XIème century, which was strengthened in XVème. the popular belief makes of it a gift of Saint Louis and the history would like that it was brought back from Palestine by a lord of Bourbon.

Moulins__21_aThere were in Moulins two black virgins, of which one works of a local sculptor. The black virgin stopped in 1655 the fire which started to destroy the city, by the action of an inhabitant who threw in the flames the coat of the statue.

Moulins__15_aThere was habit to make burn in front of Notre-Dame de Moulins a wax wheel, solar symbol of regeneration, as in Marsat
(Black Virgins, Jacques Bonvin)