Orcades_477On the road leading of Stenness to Stromness, close to Deepdale, draws up a menhir which one sees of the roadside, in a turning.

Orcades_478 It is the first time that I see the energy released by a stone to enjoy to make turn grass around. Impressing. 

Orcades_476I did not have time to measure the things well, but I sat down in front of the stone, and I let make. It seems to act on will chakra heart, in a rather brutal, but nice way. Style kick in the ass to advance, if you see what I want to say…

Orcades_471According to what I noticed, it is held on a line joining the cairn of Unstan, the stone raised in front of Maeshowe and the cairn of Cuween. Does Ca make much, not? On the last photograph, one sees with far the point from Unstan, and behind, Stenness.