maeshowe_a_rienneI made a point of keeping the best for the end. I thus present Maeshowe to you, which for me is the equivalent of the initiatory pyramid of Khéops on the plate of Ghizey. It is thus not for only the Orkneys are appellées Egypt of north.

Orcades_279Maeshowe (2750 front J-C) is considered by the archaeologists one of the last common burials, before the individual tombs do not replace them. It one of most beautiful the cairns of Europe, is built before the pyramids of Egypt and the golden age of China. Mix simplicity and of sophistication, it owes its survival with the remarkable quality of its stone.

It is a tumulus 35 m in diameter and 7 m height which in the beginning was surrounded by a broad ditch.


maeshowe_7The passage of entry, length 9 m, goes up slightly before emerging in the square room principal (approximately 4,6 m ²) where three small funerary rooms open. The walls are cut stones overlapping slightly until forming the roof, constant by four buttresses located in the corners. An enormous block of stone placed in a recess of the tunnel made it possible to close the entry of the cairn interior (undoubtedly for the ceremonies).

maeshowe_2Maes Howe was built so that with the winter solstice, the rays of the setting sun infiltrate by the corridor to come to strike the room located opposite. On this occasion, impassioned come to see the event… when it takes place: on December 21, the setting sun seldom succeeds in boring the clouds orcadiens!

With the XII ème century, the Vikings left there many graffiti to the origin of its fame near impassioned Scandinavian history.

maeshowe_runesmaeshowe_dragonHere is for the official presentation. It should be known that the stones adapt perfectly, without any mortar. One cannot make pass a paper sheet between them. The site was rediscovered in 1852, after the Vikings who left the marks of their passage by smashing the roof for example and in “taggant” the stones (They do not make in laces, these men there…). On the walls of the tomb, the unit more extended to the world of runic inscriptions Vikings. Engravings of a dragon and a snake are added with the inscriptions.

In “Orkneyinga saga” (saga Viking of the Orkneys), one learns that during the absence of the count Rognvald Kali, left for Jerusalem, Harald Maddadarson launched an attack surprised on the island on January 6, 1153. Taken in a violent storm, it found refuge in Maeshowe with some of its men. The following day, two of them became insane…

maeshowe_8The knowledge of the astronomy of the manufacturers goes juqu' to the most thorough symbolism. The rays of the sun, before typing directly on the wall postpones room the shortest day of the year, illuminate the central hall during… 40 days. No how. Finally if… 40, it is the number of the passage, as by chance. (see Barnhouse) There is a site which proposes to look at a film taken by a camera posed in the corridor of entry on December 21…

maeshowe_rayonMoreover, one recent research on Maeshowe showed another interesting luminous phenomenon: during a few minutes, the sun lying down behind the hill of Hoy, in hot line with the entry of the cairn, disparait then réaparait before disparaitre definitively. It is “the twinkling solar one”, which brings flashes inside the principal room.

maeshowe_12There are three “rooms in the walls which were sealed with the blocks out of stone lying maintaining on the floor. The passage of entry consists of enormous stones, largest weighing more than 3 tons. The fact that the stone of blocking at the entry of the passage seems to be conceived to be closed interior suggests that the activities took place in the cairn. What excludes, for somebody of logic, the function of death chamber…

maeshowe_5Once again, the archaeologists present what they do not include/understand like tombs, as for Khéops. Enough at the end…

There are holes all around Maeshowe which seem to be the empty sites for large raised stones. Another disappeared circle?

maeshowe_9_1maeshowe_10Maeshowe was built on a ground plate with a circular ditch around. The ditch being filled up of peat, the dating in C14 it is made on the bones found inside. It is thus be-saying contemporary of Stenness, Brodgar and Skara Brae. Well. Recently, the archaeologists make it clear that the cairn was already built on a first structure…

Maeshowe is thus connected directly to the circles of Stenness, Brodgar, Bookan, and a little further Skara Brae by the stone gates raised like Barnhouse, Watchstone, Comet, Odin, more all those which we lost.

This unit megalithic makes me think of an initiatory center, with school with Skara Brae and Gurness, practical work on the stone circles, and passage of the diploma in Maeshowe.

Orcades_278Maeshowe is a place crowned with a threshold of entry. I did not have the pleasure of renconter the guard, but no doubt that it is well there. The people not having atteind this threshold come out from it impressed, but not transformed. In any case not obviously.

Maeshowe_028I do not know if I have atteind the threshold, but I can say to you that by holding me with the center of the principal room, the guide did not exist any more, I did not hear more his words.

Maeshowe_109I had the impression to raise me quickly to reach the center of the whole, all will chakras open, tangant under the effect of energies of the place. I do not even dare to imagine the feeling which I pourais to test while spending one night whole in the cairn, especially with the winter solstice.


Maeshowe_106Perhaps the same thing as the impétrants spending the night in the room of the king…

Thank you in Jean….