I thank providence for having allowed myself to visit this place before the passion of with a certain book left since….


05_08_62__1600x1057_Rosslyn chapel (in the past named Collégiale Matthieu saint) is a church which was built at the XV ième century in the village of Roslin, in Midlothian in Scotland. It was drawn by William Sinclair (alternative orthography “Clear St”) of the family Sinclair, a Scottish noble family going down from the Normands knights of Saint-Clearly and, according to the legend, was been dependent on the Knights of the Temple. The construction of the vault started in 1440 - although the official date of foundation is 1446 - and was completed forty years later. (Wikipédia)

05_08_64__800x1200_The excavations carried out at the XIXe century suggest that the vault formed part formerly of a larger unit, whose construction would have been stopped with died of William Sinclair.05_08_66__804x1200_


However certain authors emit the theory according to which the western wall of the vault would be in fact a representation of the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem and that it thus makes part of the structure like element of decoration, more than to be a proof of the will of extension of the church, which would have given him dimensions of a cathedral. Let us add that the vault of Rosslyn resembles the chorus much is cathedral of Glasgow.


The vault is known for two of its pillars: the pillar of the apprentice and the pillar of the maitre, each side of the pillar of the Craftsman. These two pillars have different sculptures.


The legend wants that the master mason entamma the realization of what one names today the pillar of the apprentice, until the day when feeling unable to finish it, it leaves in study trip to Rome in order to improve his competences. During his absence, its apprentice finished itself work, which started the anger of the Master-mason who killed the apprentice.


I cannot give you felt cosmo-telluric currents, not knowing even at the time they can exist… But by looking at the photographs, I realize that there is a beautiful good example of horned Moïse… I just remember to have the feeling, in the crypt, that another place was hidden behind the walls.

Wallace-Murphy and Hopkins were the first to be written on this place:


“What is in top and as what is in bottom”, Hermès Trismégiste said. This famous maxim at the head, Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins left on the traces the largest mystics the European spiritual history, of the Neo-Platonists to the templiers, gnostic with the freemasons, of the cathares to the builders of cathedrals, all members of an abstract initiatory brotherhood of Graal. However, it is in Egypt that they find the key of the one of the most formidable revelations of this century: since the night of times, sanctuaries - oracles - were built and attended in places of capacities functioning like authentic centers of energy, will chakras terrestrial. After Egypt, the authors discover that it was the same in Europe. One after the other, they find these will chakras geographical - logically seven as will chakras them human body - each one under the aegis of a planetary divinity.


Each one of these points of force was the subject of an ancestral worship and its site is still marked by the presence of some of the more envoûtants sanctuaries: Saint-Jacob de Compostelle, Toulouse, Orleans, the least known Chartres, Paris, Amiens and but not less inspiring and powerful Scottish vault of Rosslyn. All in all, the medieval route of the pilgrimage of Saint-Jacob de Compostelle. For better apprehending the mystery of the authentic initiatory pilgrimage, the two authors borrow in their turn - with the reader - this road, reviving old initiation while rediscovering, stage after stage, the symbolic system of the places. They feel in their being the manifestation of will chakras terrestrial on their clean will chakras. “What is in top is as what is in bottom”. Thus is solved the enigma dissimulated in the extraordinary symbolic system of the vault of Rosslyn and in the configuration even of these seven places of pilgrimage: the date of the Apocalypse, the ultimate Revelation.