12 juin 2007

The black virgin of Meillers

Since always, Meillers and its area were devoted to the goddess-mother, then with the virgin. The black virgin of Meillers is a virgin in majesty of XI th century, which was strengthened in XV th. the popular belief makes of it a gift of Saint Louis and the history would like that it was brought back from Palestine by a lord of Bourbon. There were in Moulins two black virgins, of which one works of a local sculptor. The black virgin stopped in 1655 the fire which started to destroy the city, by the action of an inhabitant... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

The church St Michel in Guard-Adhémar

The borough of the Guard-Adhémar preserved its medieval structure, enclosed in ramparts in edge of a rocky outcrop dominating the plain of Pierrelatte. This plain was colonized at the Roman time by the veterans of the Roman legions (I th century). Recent archaeological research revealed many traces of human occupation, partly related to a wine activity. Via Agrippa to the foot Guard passed. Traces of Gallo-Roman habitat are located in the... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

The valley of the nymphs

The valley of the nymphs, still wrapped mysteries, fact part of these places which one says inspired. Wonder that of a so hard and ungrateful rock spouts out continument a pure and limpid water. Not astonishing that for at least three millenia, of the men have fixed themselves around these sources which ensured the life to them. There Tricastins were not undoubtedly the first to be established. Later, the Romans marked their... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

The church Saint-Pierre in Yzeure

Yzeure would come from Gallic Iciodorum. Two possible translations: Itio would be a name of anybody (Itis) and dorum means small village: the town of Itius. Or: Icio - itio - iccio is the Gallic adjective related to water and Dorum indicates the door, in the direction of the passage. As we say, “running water”, the Gallic ones said “busy water”. I prefer the second explanation… As it is known, often, a high-place is posed on a crossing of subsoil water currents. A monastery... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

Cathedral Saint Vincent de Viviers

Viviers draws its name from the fish ponds (viviers in french) which fed to it near Gallo-Roman city to Alba (Aps). It remains in the district of the castle of the traces of a Roman presence. With V th century, transfer of évêché in the Vivarium antique, oppidum of Helviens, after the destruction of the capital, Alba . Excavations made it possible to discover the remainders of an ancient place and a base of villa with collonades.The bishop is lord of the city, and the economic and social life is organized little by... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

Notre-Dame de Montcham

With the top of the borough of Châteauneuf, in the east of Viviers, Notre-Dame de Montcham, perched on its hill, the valley of the Rhone supervises.
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12 juin 2007

Saint-Eloy of Vitray and his fountain

  The area of Tronçais always had a forest vocation, well before the action of Colbert. Thus, the old parish of Vitray it was dedicated to this activity. The very small church dating from the Roman time comprises a chorus with flat bedside and two spans arched in full-clotheshanger, preceded by a more recent nave, covered of a frame testifying to the skill of the carpenters of a zone rich in wood. Its bell-tower is entirely in shingle.Perhaps the dedication with Saint Eloy, saint patron of all the metallurgists, ... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

The Notre Dame of the Marshes collegial , Villefranche-on-Saone

Villefranche on the Saone east of relatively recent creation compared to its neighbors (Lyon and Mâcon). It is “only” about the middle of XIIth century that the lord of Beaujeu Humbert III decides to create a city near a crossing between a North-South road of Roman origin (the street current Nationale) and a East-West road coming from Winnowing machine or Thizy which made it possible to gain a ford on the Saone. ... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

The Saint Jacques church of Villefranche and the SainteThorette source

It is Archambauld VI of Bourbon and his wife Agnès which established in 1138 the charter of frankness authorizing creation, with the doors of the chapter of Montcenoux, of a frank city protected by the lord from Bourbon and where the canons renonçaient to exert their seigniorals rights. The charter granted at a community of inhabitants a whole of freedoms and guarantees thus supporting the installation of a trade arrangement without obstacles, creating a place of meetings and permanent transactions between the... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2007

Black virgins, file without pdf

“I am Nature, mother of the things, mistress of all the elements, origin and principle of the centuries, supreme divinity , queen of the Manes, first between the inhabitants of the sky, standard uniform of the gods and the goddesses. It is me whose will controls the luminous vaults of the sky, the salubrious breaths of the ocean, the lugubrious silence of the hells. Single power, I by the whole universe am adored in several forms, with various ceremonies, thousand different names. The Phrygian ones, first born on ground,... [Lire la suite]
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