The sepulchre of the monks

Sacra_San_Michele_013aThe first meeting, and not of least, is done with the ruins of a small Romane church of centered plan, whose the absidioles are still visible. Its construction goes back to the years 1000.

Sacra_di_San_Michele_029aThe remainders as well as the heap of stones of the ploughed up part suggest a building of octagonal form, formed of 4 rectangular vaults grafted at the ends of a Greek cross, connected between them by four circular niches. We can reconnize the “baptistry” type .

Sacra_San_Michele_014aIt is called around sepulchre bus extended the cemetery from the monks. The church was used as funeral vault. However, it is as possible as this octagonal form is inspired by the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

Sacra_San_Michele_015aA tradition wants that it is built on an old pagan temple (but almost as patsand would say.), where the ditch opened which blocked the entry of the castrum.

Sacra_San_Michele_161aDestroyed partly in 1661 “thanks” in the Spanish bombardments, it was dedicated to Saint Etienne. The ruins were restored by the historic buildings.