The frontage

Sacra_San_Michele_022aThis is the most imposing and most monumental part of the Abbey. The frontage, massive, is 41 meters height. The base is 26 meters height and supports the structure of the church.

On September 24, 2005, the statue of Saint Michael Archange realized by the artist Paul De Doss-Moroder was placed close to the slope of the external staircases.

Sacra_San_Michele_146aThe monumental complex is characterized by a particular geometrical combination and effects of colors between the straight lines of gray iron embasement and the curved lines of the church, with its central apse and its gallery.


Sacra_San_Michele_153aThe Benedictines monks began work for the realization of embasement in first half of XIIth century, to build there, above, the large church made up of five apses.


Sacra_San_Michele_145aThe porch of entry presents two animals to us, being held by the tail. (telluric energy going up in volutes?) 
On the other side, beautiful dischargers, sign that energies can escape without accumulating(It would be dangerous for the building…)



The gallery of the arcades

Sacra_San_Michele_157aIn top, this gallery counts among the most exceptional apsidal galleries of Roman art in Italy. It is located at the highest site. 

Sacra_San_Michele_154aA crown of arcades (called Italian viretti) rests on 16 posts, enriched by capitals, all differents in their ornamentation. The cornice dominates the threshold of access for 41 meters.