Sacra_San_Michele_027aInside the base, an immense staircase, called staircase of deaths. Uneven  20 meters separates the departure from the staircase of the level of the church and its pavement, which makes it particularly stiff.

Sacra_San_Michele_037aWhere the first steps are assembled, on the left side, a pillar wich is 18 meters hight. Its large arcs which take support on him support the chorus of the church.

Sacra_San_Michele_041aNorthern side, two occulus. That of North is shifted compared to the window of the lower part. My opinion is that the architect knew very well what it did…

Sacra_San_Michele_040aOn the pillar, engraved at the base of the arcs, an ouroboros, inside, a character. A foot inside, a foot outside. A hand inside, a hand outside… Signs of control?

Sacra_San_Michele_029aAlong the rock faces, at regular interval, oppening niches, until 1937, with the burials of abbots and benefactors of the monastery. From where its name of staircase of deaths.

Sacra_San_Michele_034aSacra_San_Michele_017aI will go even further. If you know the fabric of Jerome Bosch representing a tunnel, with the light in the end and the angels accompanying the hearts, you will have an idea of what one feels by beginning the rise.