Sacra_San_Michele_062aSacra_San_Michele_044aThe staircase of dead opens with the light. It is necessary to pass in front of the door of the zodiac. Perhaps the amounts of marble which decorate it come from Saint-Etienne, the vault, known as the sepulchre of the monks. It seems that they are not on their site of origin. Their symbolic system can be changed.

The door and a good part of its decoration is the work of master Nicholaus, the architect of the part of XIIth century of the Sacra. On one of the pilasters, he signed its name:  “Vos qui transitis sursum vel forte reditis, vos legite versus quo descripsit Nicolaus”, i.e. “you who go up or perhaps go down, yes, you, read these worms written by Nicolas”.

Capitals of right-hand side

Sacra_San_Michele_042aThey represent subjects, drawn from the bible. We find episodes of the life of Samson,  one represents him shaking the columns of the temple of the Philistines.

Then we have the murder of Abel, and three men in a brawl seizing themselves by the hair. But what is the message? Hair is quite present…

Sacra_San_Michele_058aThe Latin inscription gives a beginning of explanation: “This place is a place of peace, leave side any source of quarrel.” But if one goes further, perhaps the sculptor makes us it's reflect on the symbolic system of hairs, and by there their function to collect energies. And if it is looked at still better, one can imagine that the man (and women) do not fight, but they have the feet posed well on the ground, (symbolized by the pad at the base of the capital), that their legs make a reversal, and that they do not draw the hair at all, but by a skilful interlacing of their hands holding hair of the neighbor, wicks being turned towards the sky, they recover the cosmic forces… And for this, one needs maitriser the emotional one, therefore to leave side the quarrels. Moreover, we have the man and the women turned towards the interior. Polarities?
But good, that it is not necessary to say appears, it is not marked in the schoolbooks.

Sacra_San_Michele_057aThe amount of right-hand side shows us the signs of the zodiac, which, curiously, are 11. Indeed, we find in the same circle the balance and the scorpion… On the basis of pillar, the lion. In top, the symbol of the verb…

Capitals of left

Sacra_San_Michele_045aThey are 6.

Sacra_San_Michele_049aWe have a splendid representation of sirens. In the center, a triton, with its abundant hair (still) whose left side is braided. The radiant hair shows that it is water carrier of the sky, fire. In this case, the eagles are not far.

Sacra_San_Michele_051aIndeed, we find them on the close capital, the legs posed on a circle with the top of the ground, the wings turned towards the ground. Only that, the medium has the wings turned towards the sky, and the legs are not visible any more… Cosmic and telluric energies.
Its loincloth has 7 folds (symbol of the 7) and it holds in its hands its tail bifide which goes up towards the sky.

Sacra_San_Michele_056aThe siren can also be androgyne, half man half woman. She becomes the symbol of the achievement of the opposites. We thus knew the side a beautiful female, recognizable siren with its bent hair. its loincloth has nothing any more but 3 folds…

Sacra_San_Michele_047aWe find the lion with head of dragon… Its bent tail passing between its legs, as on the capital of the porch of entry. We find the representation of constellations other than those of the known zodiac.

Sacra_San_Michele_055aHold, scratch inserting their nozzles in a head of man…

Sacra_San_Michele_050aThe last capital represents women nursing the snakes, or rather amphisbenes, of the Greek lecture theaters, on the two sides, and bainein, to go… In bottom, their heads bite the small toe of the ladies. Our snakes, therefore energy of the vouivre, which goes on the two sides at the same time, is connected to cosmic and the telluric one. Term of the search, maitrise supplements energies.