noirlac_071aThe first is in the wing of the monks, on the first floor. It was enlightened in the east as in the west by the small windows of which only those of the Western face remain. Community until the XVIIth century, it was arranged at that time in individual cells by wood partitions.

Noirlac_045The frontage on the garden was considerably modified and made it possible, with its broad openings, to build true private apartments. The last room at the bottom of the corridor was used as the prior apartment.

noirlac_076aThe dormitory of the convers, 28 m length on 13 m broad, transformed into attic in XIIIth century, does not present much any more of traces of its primitive provisions. It was used as appendix with the keep in XVth century and taken the name of abbey home in XVIth. Recovered by the monks, in 1703, it failed to be destroyed because of its pitiful state following a fire. The north and west walls were remakes as well as the frame.