11 juin 2007

Symbolic analyze of the church Notre-Dame of Belleville

While arriving in front of the church, on the principal gate, we realize immediately that energies are importants in this place. This church was built under the influence of Humbert III, lord of Beaujeu, who was a templar. Who knows the history of these men knows that the sybolism was familiar for them. A Celtic cross  in top of the Western frontage shows us the druidic influence in that moment when we enters the sanctuary. In the church, on the pavement of the northern absidiole, a templar cross. Southern... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

The virgin of Belleville

The church of Belleville is devoted to Notre-Dame. A representation of the virgin, in the form of a black virgin, is in the vault of the southern absidiole. Unfortunately, the statue is not old. Nowhere trace of a black virgin in this place, and yet all is joined together for its establishment. The statue makes its effect nevertheless, even if it does not convey energies due to its row.
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11 juin 2007

The church Notre-Dame of Belleville

Belleville, small city of the Beaujolais has a very long history, as flint tools and other vestiges discovered in various places attest it. As of the Roman time, Lunna, attested by the route of Antonin who places this city at 15 miles of Anse and Mâcon, occupies the site of current Belleville. Lunna, perhaps already worship with the goddess?This Roman city extended from north at midday along the Roman way which crossed it.Strong city, it was devastated at the 5th century by the troops of Attila then destroyed into 732 by... [Lire la suite]
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