11 juin 2007

The Saint-George church of Bourbon Archambault

Archambault bourbon-from which the name is drawn at the same time from the Celtic god from the sources, Borvo, and of the first family of the Bourbons, Archambault, is known since Antiquity for the virtues of its thermal spring. Located on the Roman way coming from Bourges (Avaricum), Archambault Bourbon-the was the chief town of a châtellenie on which Franchesse and Saint-Aubin-the-Monial depended. It is in this city that at XIIème century the “Novel of Flamenca is located”, history of love written in language of oc.... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

Notre-Dame of Vernouillet

It is with the museum of the friends of the old Bourbon of Bourbon Archambault that the statue of the former priory of Vernouillet is. It makes the object of a pilgrimage on September 8, festival of the nativity, for the future grooms and sterile couples. This virgin in majesty remained in the monastery Benedictine of Vernouillet until the revolution. Then hidden in the trunk of a oak, too narrow to contain it, the child was planed. The priory is a private property now, and the visitors badly-came.“The whole of the... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

Holly Grelichon

We find this regional Saint in a lane of Bourbon Archambault, represented in bust and vêtu of sacerdotal clothes, sheltered in a niche of a frontage of house.It is one of the most popular characters and most enigmatic of the city. It had the capacity to cure the sterile women according to the legend. A certainty, it is that he was never a bishop and was never canonized. Worse, the church fought its worship.In the olden days, the names carried revealed the personality and one assigned with the healers a capacity in... [Lire la suite]
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