04 août 2007

The chapter house

It is the neatest part and most remarkable. It dates from XIIIth century. It is the place where the community meet, where the abbot exerted his magistery and where he pointed out the chapters of the rule. Moreover, the brothers convers were entitled to the chapter, but were not entitled to the “voice”. “Not to have a say” was often deformed by “not being entitled to the chapter”…The rectangular space of 12,64 m out of 8,48 m is organized in two naves forming six square spans arched on intersecting ribs, whose ... [Lire la suite]
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04 août 2007

The room of the monks

The room of the monks date from the XIIth century. This part is decorated of a chimney, perhaps added on a later date. The large windows date from the XVIIIth century.This room, very altered, preserved its groined vault. On the chimney, two leaned sticks of abbot, emblematic image of the  cistercian order.It was to be used as scriptorium.      
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04 août 2007

The refectory

Located in the southern wing, it forms the principal axis of it. Transformed in the XVIIIth century by a middle height floor, in order to build the apartment of the hosts, this room found its primitive volume today: 24 m length, 11 of width, 9 height. It is covered with 8 vaults on intersecting ribs whose repercussions take support on a file of three median columns. It is enlightened in the south by four high surmounted lancets of two polylobed roses. The recent restoration made possible to find the pulpit of the... [Lire la suite]
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04 août 2007


The first is in the wing of the monks, on the first floor. It was enlightened in the east as in the west by the small windows of which only those of the Western face remain. Community until the XVIIth century, it was arranged at that time in individual cells by wood partitions. The frontage on the garden was considerably modified and made it possible, with its broad openings, to build true private apartments. The last room at the bottom of the corridor was used as the prior apartment.The dormitory of the convers, 28 m... [Lire la suite]
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04 août 2007

The storeroom

The walls of the storeroom are certainly former to the wall of the frontage of the church which comes to be stuck to it, and date from the work campaign carried out of 1170 to 1190. The vaults probably date from first half of XIIIth century. At the origin, its openings were closed by oiled fabrics. (Drawn from the work of Jean-Yves Ribault, “the abbey of Noirlac” to the Ouest-France editions)
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29 juillet 2007

Sacra di San Michele, history

The Pirchiriano mount, on the slope of which is Sacra it di san Michele, dominates with 962m, and is drawn up in the valley of Suse, not far from Turin. The valley was formed in the time of the ice ages and was planed by the power of the ices, as the hard stone cupolas and the polished surface of the escarpments prove it. Thus was formed the “Chiusa”, the cluse, of Latin confined, bolt in a narrow throat.The old name of Pirchiriano seems to be the elegant form of the modest porcarianus, the mount of the pigs, by... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2007

Foundations and the first constructions of the abbey

  Between 983 and 987, shortly after the expulsion of Buckwheats, two oratories were rebuilt, according to a clunisian chronicler. It is at the end of Xth century that the third vault was built, vaster than the two others, by the hermit Jean Vincent. It even leaned with the rock, it, according to this chronicler, was sacred by the angels, from where the name of Sacred indicating the whole of constructions. A little later the community of Benedictines monks  directed by the abbot Advertus, called upon... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2007

The arrival to the Sacra di San Michele

  This “wonder” is seen by far, and there is this furtive impression which one will touch it soon. Furtive certainly, because it is necessary, as with the Michaelmas Mount (the danger of the sea), to make a good walk before finding the entry. As usual in a high-place, we needs a physical exercise making it possible to empty itself before filling again. Received energy, the vision of the mount and the valley downwards, are already a reward. The access path is well in the magic tradition. Several doors... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2007

Meeting the sanctuary

  The sepulchre of the monks The first meeting, and not of least, is done with the ruins of a small Romane church of centered plan, whose the absidioles are still visible. Its construction goes back to the years 1000. The remainders as well as the heap of stones of the ploughed up part suggest a building of octagonal form, formed of 4 rectangular vaults grafted at the ends of a Greek cross, connected between them by four circular niches. We can reconnize the “baptistry” type . It is called around... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2007

The entry of the sanctuary

  The frontage This is the most imposing and most monumental part of the Abbey. The frontage, massive, is 41 meters height. The base is 26 meters height and supports the structure of the church. On September 24, 2005, the statue of Saint Michael Archange realized by the artist Paul De Doss-Moroder was placed close to the slope of the external staircases. The monumental complex is characterized by a particular geometrical combination and effects of colors between the straight lines of gray iron ... [Lire la suite]
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