11 juin 2007

Saint Menoux

  Halfway located Mills and of Bourbon Archambault, Saint-Menoux has a remarkable church. Menoux, or Ménulphe (the inhabitants of the village are Ménulphiens), Irish bishop, was born in VIIème century. From Ireland, it went to Great Britain, then in Armorique to Quimper where it was ordered to priest then bishop. To the return of a voyage in Rome, exhausted and sick, it arrived at the small village of Mailly-on-pink, become Saint-Menoux, where it stopped to take some rest.... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

The Saint Martin's day fountain

  In Saint-Menoux, the Saint Martin's day fountain, called sometimes by people of the country fountain of good Menoux is below the church, a few 200 meters further. It is then necessary to pass in front of a baker who makes his bread with the wood fire. It is a wonder to taste its potato pies, speciality bourbonnaise. The fountain probably duidic, is christianized later. There one day, an enormous snake was installed on its curbstone, prohibiting whoever from coming to draw water. Saint... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007


The Basilica dedicated to co. Marie-madeleine, whose construction was decided by Charles II of Anjou, is the largest Gothic building of Provence. It contains in the crypt Gallo Roman (IVe century), the Mounting containing the relics of Marie-madeleine, the sarcophagi of St Maximin, Co.-Marcelle, co. Suzanne and St Sidoine. Villa-lathed, small Gallo-Roman village, which after the death of Maximin saint took his name, owes its celebrity since the XIII E century with discovered tombs of Maximin... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

Saint Martin de Laives

The church is well-known lorry drivers borrowing A6 for Paris. It is it whom we see on the left, all in top of the hill, illuminated every evening, with the northern height of Tournus. It is known that the places known as “Martin saint” were often old megalithic places, since Saint Martin passed his life to destroy them. But it left us invaluable information on the localization of the stones. Right before arriving, meets with a friend,... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

Saint Laurent d' Agny

The door in the west of the vault.In this place, always on the back of the Dragon, the vault Vincent saint is in the middle of a megalithic stone field. Some still have cups, others form beautiful doors of life.When the builders included/understood what the words want to say divides, tolerance, intelligence of the heart and the spirit.
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11 juin 2007

Saint Laurent d' Agny, megaliths

Behind the vault, downwards, one finds oneself in the middle of a stone field, of which some present cups. One finds also a beautiful door of life, between the rocks.
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11 juin 2007

Church Saint Hymetière

Hymetériens, hymetériennes, here a study of your church which envoûtée me. To take with the direction first and the old direction, which is “to pass under the vault”… Jewel of the Romanesque art, the church of Hymetière Saint, close to Arinthod, typical of the 1st Mediterranean Romanesque art, is composed of a porch, three naves, a transept in the medium of which a cupola rises supporting the bell-tower of octagonal form. The southernmost influence is found in the... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

the vault of Saint Alban

Between saint Hymetière and Simandre, in direction of Montagna-le-templier, prélasse myself the small vault Saint Alban. Beside it Suran runs, which we will find going along the menhir of Simandre. construction does not have anything extraordinary, but the atmosphere is interesting…  A source,... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

Shady walk of Oustau of the Wolf

  This dolmen located a few kilometres from Gervazy Saint, is in the alignment of the small church and its black virgin. It is composed of 6 supports forming a lengthened corridor, two flagstones of bedside and at least two flagstones of cover., of which most important is a block collossal of granite which atteind 3,80 meters length, 2,70 broad, and 70 cm thickness, which gives him an approximate weight of 20 tons… I noted that the interior is deprived of telluric network. It concentrates with its... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

Saint Gervazy

The construction of the Romance church goes up with X ème or XI ème century. Its wonder remains the black virgin, one of those which touched me. Here some photographs. One can notice in his back a cavity which surely contained, like Notre Dame of Puy, of the relics, either a parchment, or a secrecy disappeared for a long time…. http://lieuxsacres.canalblog.com/archives/vierges_noires__fichier/index.html Notre-Dame de Saint Gervazy dates from half of the XII ème century. It was vraissemblablement in the... [Lire la suite]
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