11 juin 2007

Rocks of Merlin, the arrival

It is known that the travellers of antiquity made this gesture in the Mercury honor, the god of the road, and to mark the way by these accumulated heaps; it is the bible which says it to us, while speaking about that which throws a stone on “the Mercury heap”: Sicut which mittit lapidem in acervum Mercurii (delivers proverbs).J.P.Roux sees an example of the collective heart:“Any accumulation of modest objects endowed with heart reinforces the potentiality of each one of them and ends up creating a new extremely powerful... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

The stone which sings

With fallen the night or the rising of the sun, a certain day of the year, to lie down on the stone of the devil, in the chaos of the rocks of Merlin.To pronounce its name by closing the eyes…"" The disciple repeated several times this exercise, until it feels his body to vibrate. Then seemed to him that very whole nature vibrated with him, a giddiness seizes it so much it felt in harmony with the universe which surrounded it… a soft quietude invades all its body, a flood of notes musical and coloured its... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2007

vault of Jurieux

The stone which sings delivers a knowledge which admits neither curious nor the megalomaniacs. It draws aside those which it does not consider worthy, and even can, according to their degree of perversion, to kill them or make them insane, from where the presence below the “vault of insane” with the hamlet of Jurieu: there is in this place an energy which cures the people who did not support the shock…
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