Pratz is a small village of the Jura located at the south of Moirans-in-mountain and Saint-Lupicin. It is necessary to leave its car and to traverse the few kilometers which separate it from an exceptional site, the vault saint Romain de Roche.

Simandre_St_alban_St_hymetiere_006But before arriving on the headland, we have to say hello to the guard places, the frontier runner, the Cerberus of the door, and to go to be refreshed with the well of the monks. To be refreshed or to wash themselves, purify in order to be presentable in front of the cave of the guard?


On the way of the vault, the imposing landscapes call us with the meditation and give us a feeling of humility… An ass engraved in the rock returns us to his symbolic system. One will find it on the pediment of Roman Saint.

Simandre_St_alban_St_hymetiere_024Contrary to the generally accepted ideas, the ass is not only the symbol of the silly thing… Far from there. There were two currents of symbols on this animal.

“The head of ass is symbol of Mithra, emblem of the end of initiation. In a graffiti of the catacombs one shows a surmounted cross of this head (strange union which seems assure us the possibility of a fusion of certain communities of the rite of Mithra in Christianity).
In an influence of the rite of Mithra cannot we register this strange festival of the ass which remained in the full Middle Ages and where one danced around an ass? The tale initiatory of Skin of ass taken again by Perrault, but quite former, will show us initiated to adorn in turn dresses of various colors to finish by the skin of ass… Last stage. Zoroastre, the Balaam Prophet have an ass for mounting; in antiquity it is the mounting of wise and Jesus overlaps one in his triumphal walk of them on Jerusalem. “

Simandre_St_alban_St_hymetiere_056“Perhaps it would be good before reading again Peau of Ass to divide into sheets this other text: The gold ass or metamorphoses, novel of Apulée, this Latin philosopher of African extraction which wrote at the second century. It is told there the transformations of certain Lucius since the scented room of a prostitute of great luxury until the athmosphère spiritual of a temple where the young man puts himself in contemplation in front of the statue of the Isis goddess. A succession of metamorphoses accompanies the interior evolution by Lucius. This one further goes than the heroin of the tale of Perrault, it revêt not of the skin of ass, it is transformed completely into this quadruped and it is only by the beneficial intervention of Isis that it finds its form first.”

_ne_musicianBut let us be allocated to the tale of Perrault and the King owner of this ass (let us translate this so important source of Wisdom, the Council, Initiation); this King was us says largest storyteller the “and more loved monarchs”. Who could be designated thus if it is not God, yes, the Eternal Very High God. 

Ane2But then, if we recognized well God in this king, how not reconnaitre in its first marries the Humanity of old times. Then we can thus translate the direction of Skin of Ass.

New Humanity tries to reach its full blooming, each one of destined for this state that some call state of Rosicrucian brotherhood and that the Paul Apostle indicated by: “the full stature of Christ”, each one of these called must “adorn dress after dress”, i.e. pass from a teaching to another until it is finally worthy to cover the Skin of Ass of absolute Initiation.

the horse symbolizes knowledge, the ass has a special mission: the ass it is the revelation.

ane_vieleThis Master ass, well before Perrault does not slip it into its tale, of the Masters sculptors had engraved it in the stone holding the évangéliaire, as in the cathedral of Strasbourg, or playing of the music as in the cathedral of Nantes; out of chasuble or coat of chorus, with a mitre, a stick, a roller, a book, a flute, a vièle, a trumpet… This Master ass is everywhere with the apparent place.

You astonish, foreign with symbolism, good Perrault laughs in its beard. It succeeded in saving the message asinaire by wrapping it in a tale for small children. The Company of Invisible, the Sect of the Excessively pious people saw only fire there and the police force let publish and diffuse the history… “