Tournus_049adedicated to St Valérien, martyrized in Tournus in IIème century, with half-buried because of the slope of the ground, it serves as sitted with the bedside of the church. One will notice the characteristics of voûtement, realized in a kind of concrete coarse and left gross dismantling, heritage of the techniques of vault préromane.

Tournus_062aThe chorus of the crypt is decorated with columns of XIIème century. The central vault shelters the supposed sarcophagus of Saint-Valérien.Tournus_054

Tournus_051The crypt reproduces the plan of the chorus. Several orthogonal vaults, arched in cradle, come to be grafted on the déambulatoire. Many frescos there are found.

Tournus_068aThe central part of the crypt is almost entirely isolated from the déambulatoire by a thick wall. Some curved arcades make it possible to penetrate there. This space is divided into fifteen small arched spans of edges by fine columns. 

Tournus_064aIn the western part a well, framed by two columns bent with the vegetable capitals is placed.